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Evenstar Icons [step into my parlour]

[for which to be free you must unchain yourself ]


** Where do you find your pictures? **

Most of the time I find them at miscellanious DeviantArt sites; Getty Images; My own collection of art I have collected through the years; and other places.

** What fonts are you using? **

I find all my fonts at 1001fonts.com along with fontfreak.com and a few of my friends sites have fonts to download.

** What software are you using to make the icons? **

Paintshop Pro 7 AND Animation Shop 7 with Paintshop.

** Can you make me a personalized Icon? **

Nope. Sorry, wait until requests are open.

** Can I use your personal icons for my own journal? **

No no and no. Pleeeeease don't take my personal icons. My spork will come unleashed.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me.